Packaging is the start of a customers experience. What does it say about a company and its values?

Landing in 7 local independent food stores and already off to a great start.

Starting from scratch - Le Digestif were looking for a new logo, identity and packaging for their start-up company. The business is run by a small local team based in Norfolk. All of the product manufacturing is created in-house and by hand. The client wanted to capture this hand-crafted feel within the designs and yet create a bold and dynamic-looking product that leaps of the shelves.

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Hand drawn logo to set them apary

Representing the hand-crafted nature of Le Digestif. This painterly logo sits at the heart of the identity.

Organic and tactile style for the eco-consumer
Textured paper to create an organic tactile look. Curtive is the primary typeface - clean and modern yet with an old mechanical typewriter feel.

Turning a jar into a piece of art.

Each product features a hand created illustration that not only represents a key ingredient for each flavour but also works as an engaging piece of art. This helped shape the rest of the brand and identity. 

Capturing the products for web and social media

Art directed photoshoot to match the brands colour palette which gives the customers an insight into the whole food ingredients.

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