Turning the classic, printed annual report into a new digital experience

Engaging new investors and local councils

Norse wanted to let people know what they had been up to and how they have improved the lives of people across the UK. They were looking for a way to not only save paper, but to develop a unique brand experience through digital infographics and interaction design.

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Animated graphics and clean information

‍This digital product takes users through a series of animated infographics that brings the data to life.

Sharp design and Recycled Papers. Because it feels good

Annual reports don't have to involve trees being cut down. Using Arjo Wiggins Cyclus Print 100% recycled paper stock, leaves trees standing where they should be.

Growing local business in Hull.

Collecting data on product engagement

‍Using analytic tools, Norse can capture key information about user experience and traffic. Social media creates the opportunity for a shareable report.

Recycled papers should communicate your CSR commitment without compromising on quality. Using certified paper manufacturers gives peace of mind and shows a commitment sustainable production processes.