We need to let investors, local councils and the public know 'we are here to build outstanding and ecological homes to improve living conditions for all'.

Placing these key target audience personas at the centre of all design decisions for these three pieces of printed design.

NPS wanted to create a book that they could leave behind after key meetings with shareholders, local government and business partners. This book offers those specific audiences an insight in to the outstanding buildings NPS has developed but it also shows them exactly how they stand apart from their competitors.
Utilising this new design system across internal documents

Die-cut cover and art directed photoshoot

‍Two of the key features of this printed book. Its concept was inspired by architectural coffee table books.

Capturing the attention of the reader

Bespoke architectural illustrations, silk laminated cover and de-bossed logo create an attention grabbing introduction to the work that NPS has completed.

Highlighting the key benefits that NPS London brings to the people of London


Printed design can be carbon negative, this is the future

‍This curated book shows new clients exactly what NPS Group's architects are capable of, outstanding design at Passive house standards.

A high end book to leave with new clients. Net carbon zero.


Cyclus Offset paper stock is made from 100% FSC® Recycled pulp* which produces less CO2, diverts waste from landfill and consumes much less water and energy, as well as eradicating the need for wood in production.

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